We are still accepting $25 Loblaws cards at all locations

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King Township Food Bank
gladly accepts Loblaw Card donations and will promptly redistribute them to those in need.

Please activate your card prior to donating it. Activation instructions can be found on the back of the card. More details at: www.loblawcard.ca

Thank you for your support.

Loblaw Gift Card Drop-off Locations:

  • King Township Municipal Office, King City
  • King City Fire Hall
  • All Public Libraries
  • Nobleton Arena
  • Trisan Centre
  • KTFB volunteers
  • or, wherever you see a Drop Off Poster

By mail:

King Township Food Bank, PO Box 224, Schomberg, Ontario L0G 1T0

Josie Dorio of Dorio’s Kettleby Italian Bakery is shown holding the first poster for a drop-off location for the $25 Loblaw Card.

King Township Food Bank purchases large quantities of Loblaw cards, and donations of activated cards are gratefully received.