Russian translator

The King Township Food Bank needs a Russian translator to attend distribution sessions (3rd Saturday of the month) for March and April to help communicate with Russian speaking registrants. This involves 3 hours max. on the Saturday morning plus one more meeting in advance so this volunteer can better understand the Food Bank operations. This is not an every month commitment, but it is helpful when re-registration time comes (now) and in September when people apply for Christmas in King. But it will be Saturdays. The location is King City. Russian registrants tend to arrive at the same time, so likely the full 3 hours is not needed.


Director of Fundraising

This position involves coordination of all fundraising activities that allow the Food Bank to be the best it can be in serving residents of King. Along with reporting at monthly Board meetings, there is need for the organization of Food Bank generated fundraising through sponsorships and the Sip & Savour event as well as responding to third party opportunities with appropriate support. As this is a working board, all directors are very much hands on, and their passion for the service this agency offers usually means involvement over several years. Contact Carol Ann at 416-559-7898