Loblaw Card

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With the launch of the Bread Card project by Loblaw, $25 PC cards are being mailed to those who register for them.

Please visit their website, where you will be asked for your address, etc. For more information, https://loblawcard.ca/

To register for a card, please visit https://loblawcard.ca/en/register

King Township Food Bank is delighted to receive the cards, if you are thinking of donating them to a ‘worthy cause’. KTFB spends upwards of $60,000 a year on food cards for families who chose to receive them instead of the menu items packed each month. Your donation of a $25 food card will serve to lower our outlay and thereby help our annual budget.

(We have been asked if we are able to provide paper copies of the on line form, for those who do not use the internet.)

We are presently investigating how these cards might be accepted in a way convenient to donors through ‘drop boxes’ around King.

As soon as we have more information, we will post an update.

All recipients will receive $25 cards by mail, but they will need to personally activate them before they can be used. This is likely to ensure that those requesting the cards receive them. The website does not presently offer any option other than on line activation.