Kids Sorting Food at Depot

If you wish to organize a food drive within your organization or even your neighbourhood, we are happy to assist in every way possible, from supplying boxes to arranging for pickup.

Just call us and we will work with you.

We will also provide a list of the items we pack in the monthly boxes so you know what to request, and we will supply a report that tallies the dollar value of the drive you organized.




At the May 10th Mayor’s Youth Action Team Annual Awards, two KTFB teen volunteers received an award for their hard work to create, promote, administer, and complete a Food Drive at King City Public School that raised over $1600 in food and funds in a two week period in April. Thanks are offered to Sue Milne, Principal, the students at KCPS as well as to Luke Mcquarrie and Alberto Vitale who conceived and completed one of the most successful school drives.