We are Here to Help You

Whether your situation is momentary, temporary, indefinite or permanent, we are here to help by providing one week of non-perishable groceries every month along with food cards, pet food, fresh produce and bathroom tissue.  Diapers are distributed when donated to us, along with toiletries and dental hygiene items.

Packed boxes are delivered to three centres, one in each of Kettleby, Nobleton, and King City, where registered users attend on the third Saturday of the month to receive their groceries and food cards.

Please call ahead if you are new, as we deliver only for those expected to attend each month.

Email us at ktfoodbank@gmail.com or call the Food Bank line (905) 806-1125 and leave a number where you can be reached.  Every call is handled confidentially.

Your Privacy is Protected

It can be difficult to ask for help;  you may wish to be totally anonymous.   All we need from you is proof of residency in King Township.  Your identity will not be known by others unless you choose.

You may register to receive your groceries in a centre away from where you may be known, if that is helpful.

Registration Process

Registering you and your family unit is simple, requiring only proof of residency in King Township.  A family unit comprises all those residing at the same address, including live-in members who are not related. Registrants need only provide proof of residency in King to receive assistance.  A drivers license or utility bill with your address is sufficient proof of residency.

You will need to complete a registration form which is updated annually.  The form does not ask for personal information beyond listing the names and ages of all the users of the Food Bank within the family.  The ages help ensure you receive the appropriate food, such as infant formula.  The registration form is kept strictly confidential.

Email us at ktfoodbank@gmail.com or call the Food Bank line (905) 806-1125 to register.  Please leave a number where you can be reached.  Every call is handled confidentially

Our email and dedicated phone line are monitored daily.  We will return your call or email as soon as possible. Be sure to let us know what time of day is best for returning your call.

When you contact us, please provide your name and telephone number, and that the purpose of your call is to register.  Every call is important to us.

Every call and email is handled confidentially.

Food Distribution

Each family unit must be registered at a Distribution Centre in order to receive food. Transfers are possible, but only the registered Centre will release food to a family.

Distribution Day is the THIRD Saturday of every month from 9a.m.-11a.m, with the possible exception of December, which is scheduled according to how Christmas falls in the week. Distribution is from three locations across King Township – King City, Kettleby and Nobleton.

Visit the Distribution Dates page to see the next food distribution date.

Registrants who are concerned about confidentiality may elect to pick up their food at a distribution location outside of where they live.

Registrants not needing the Food Bank temporarily are requested to advise by phone, indicating their name and Distribution Centre.  An unexplained absence will be taken to mean no further need for assistance, and the name will be removed from the registration files.  This means that no allocation will be shipped to the Centre the following month.

Food Assistance

Food assistance includes prepacked boxes of foods selected to offer a week of foodstuffs that are non-perishable, as well as pet kibble and toilet paper. Not boxed, but also included are cereal, crackers, cookies, peanut butter, and juice. A supplement of food cards if given to assist with perishable purchases. Breads and fresh produce are provided with the selection being seasonal. Finally there is a green box program that allows registrants to shop without restriction from amongst all the items that are donated but which are not suitable for the menu boxes. This is where you will find everything from artichokes to zucchini..pickled, along with chocolate sauce and clam chowder, canned oysters and oregano. Some are past date, and users are asked to read labels carefully.

Food Card Assistance

In the event a registrant is receiving cards in lieu of boxes, the following applies:

  • Single receives $40
  • Couple receives $45
  • Family receives $80

This is based on the cost to us of the contents of the Single Box, Basic Box and Family Box.

The food card supplement of $10 per person is added to the above amounts. Pet kibble, toilet paper, produce, bread, and green box items are available in addition to the food cards. Contents of the Green Boxes are also available.

Please note that the Food Card program is not a guaranteed program, but an option available if circumstances allow. Priority is given to those with dietary restrictions. All others may register for this option after a number of months of receiving Food Boxes. Registrants should speak with their Distributor.

Information for Registrants (PDF)

KTFB Registration Form 2017 (PDF)

Best Before dates

Non-perishable foods may or may not have a best before date on them.  Registrants may find, in their menu boxes, foods that have passed their best before date. If requested, the Food Bank will exchange them at the next Distribution if notified and given the list of items.  The replacement food may not be identical to that received, but the replacement food will be generally similar in nature.  Items from the Green Box are not eligible for exchange, as they are selected by the user, and therefore not presented in a sealed box. 

Please click on the link to see York Region Public Health’s position on the matter. 


There is a second link to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that also offers information on date labelling of foods.



Email us at ktfoodbank@gmail.com or call the Food Bank line (905) 806-1125 and leave a number where you can be reached.  Every call is handled confidentially.