Our mandate is to provide a week’s worth of non-perishable groceries to our clients. Whether you need assistance, or if you would like to help, you've come to the right place.

Latest News

May 2018 Update

The Spring Food Drive at Schomberg Foodland was one of the most successful of their annual Spring Drives, bringing nearly $2,000 of food to the Food Bank in the form of prepacked bags... Read more

March 2018 Update

Saturday, March 17th, the three Distribution Centres were open from 9-11 am to receive those registered with the Food Bank.  If you need help, please call ahead 905-806-1125 or ktfoodbank@gmail.com so food can... Read more

Schomberg Foodland Generosity

Rocco Macri, owner of Schomberg Foodland is seen holding nearly $900 of food cards purchased by generous Foodland shoppers since the Christmas season. A long time supporter of King Township Food Bank, Rocco... Read more

February Update

This month marks the 169th month that the Food Bank has been offering a week of non-perishable groceries to families in King. At a conservative estimate, that’s 17,000 weeks of food for individuals... Read more